James Rogers

I've been a professional photographer for over twenty years. The business has changed a lot in that time. Technology has altered the way we get our images to you dramatically.

But the most important thing remains the same - I want you to get the images that work best for you and make you happy. When shooting for you I am not looking for my next award winning photo. I am thinking about how you have briefed me; what it is that will make the photo work for you.

My goal is to make the experience of using a photographer easy. I try to keep things simple and with as few restrictions as possible.

I am known for being good with people. I love photographing people and like the experience to be fun and not intimidating. I have worked with everyone from new-borns to those in the crematorium (no really!), prime ministers and governors to the most humble of hard working people. I believe in treating all with equal respect.

Anyway enough about me - look at some pictures!